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ENERGY, MEDITATION & MARTIAL ARTS!  Adults and Teens, if you're ready to change your life NOW, this is the program for you!

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Youth Martial Arts

Children ages 5 to 14 LOVE this program! With a complete character-building curriculum they develop Respect, Discipline, Leadership ability, Fitness and a     WINNER'S attitude!!!

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Wealth Of Health

Seniors, Adults and Teens who want more energy, less illness, weight loss, meditation for stress relief and a greater internal connection; without any high-impact '''martial arts'' training. COME TRY IT FOR FREE!

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Empowered women

Utah's #1 ladies-only self protection seminars for women ages 11+!  Learn how to defend yourself quickly and effectively in a single afternoon while having a great time!

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Welcome to MP USA

Welcome to MP USA where our focus is YOUR ''true potential'.  As America's ONLY academy of Merpati Putih (MP) which means "White Dove", MP USA offers several completely unique methods of total personal empowerment that have been secretly passed down for over 450 years within the royal family of Java, Indonesia.  Much more than ''just another martial art'', MP is a Life-Energy Art of Vitality, Health and Inner Peace.  MP USA offers specialty programs that enhance the life of everyone of any age.  If you're;

  • older, out of shape, injured or ill and want to be in the best shape of your life
  • an elite athlete looking to shatter your limits and surpass your personal best in all areas
  • stressed out or sick & tired of being sick & tired and ready for Inner Peace and a Personal Retreat
  • a spiritual searcher who wants to really feel your life energy and Mind-Body-Spirit connection...quickly
  • a parent who would like help developing confidence, manners and responsibility in your child(ren)
  • a child who is bullied or just wants to learn martial arts because they're awesome -or-
  • a woman looking for the best very insurance you can get...        self protection training

MP USA has a program to fit your lifestyle, budget and goals! Each of MP USA's programs is truly unique and cannot be found anywhere else in America. Enjoy exploring this site and Welcome To MP USA. Contact us to start the journey toward your fullest potential TODAY.